THe Benefits

Save Money
Cut down on fuel bills by having heating on when you want. How many Saturday mornings have you had the heating come on at 6 and you only get up at 10? How many times have you gone on holidays and left the heating on timer whilst you were away only to find the weather was incredibly mild and you wasted all that money heating an empty house! (HeatSlave and HeatSlave Baby) Download Brochure

  1. Protect Your House

On the other hand what about last year when many people were caught out by the weather. We have a client who was away in Tenerife when the cold spell struck here in 2010. He had left his heating on timer but only for an hour morning and evening—the only people who had keys to his house couldn’t get there due to the condition of the roads. Now he uses HeatSlave to access his own webpage and can set up the time clock for his heating …from anywhere in the world with internet access!! Click on this link to see more  (link to settings manager) (HeatSlave)

  1. Easy to use

Each HeatSlave and HeatSlave Baby comes with a SIM card installed, this is how the system is controlled. When you dial your HeatSlave , by simply dialing that mobile number, you can turn your heating on and off.
The added features on a HeatSlave are simply managed by logging onto the HeatSlave website. Click here (link to settings manager and phone manager)

  1. Easy To Install

We supply a clear wiring diagram with each unit. It is very simple to do and a competent person can fit it in under half an hour.

  1. Log the temperature

Holiday Homes insurance policies require that you monitor your home on a regular basis. HeatSlave keeps a log of the temperature at your home or premises (link to log) (HeatSlave)

  1. Oil Tank Alarm

HeatSlave can be set up to send you an alarm , by text message, should someone disturb the lid on your oil tank. Sadly in the past few years this has become a bigger and bigger problem—fuel is being stolen from permanent homes as well as holiday homes.

Kevin Solon says although their holiday home stays quite warm all year round as it has a lot of well insulated glass- they have had their fuel stolen numerous times. This was what attracted him to HeatSlave. The minute the lid is disturbed on the tank HeatSlave sends an alarm to him.

Most thieves do a ‘research run’ beforehand—looking into tanks in a certain area to check which ones are worth raiding—once Kevin gets an alarm he contacts the local gardai and his neighbours to warn them there is trouble around.

  1. Protect your loved ones

With HeatSlave you can monitor the temperature in the homes of people that need that little bit of extra they the elderly or those in assisted living etc.

Ann MacGabhann Gorey - I bought a HeatSlave so I could make sure my dad was warm in his home. On a number of occasions I have called and he hasn’t the heating on or he has run out of oil. HeatSlave gives me such peace of mind because I receive a text if the temperature at his house drops below a set reading. I usually then pop over to see him and check what is going on. Or if I am away I can phone the heating and it will give me a ‘status update’ so I know whether or not the system has fired up.

  1. Control in a world of chaos!

How can having your heating on timer be ideal when life doesn’t work on timer!?
More and more people are installing HeatSlave in their own homes so it is warm when they are there and not when they don’t need it!

In the morning they dial from their bed before they hit the 'snooze button' (for the last time!) and by the time the alarm goes off again the house/apartment is beginning to warm  up. At the end of the day they dial on their way home from work rather than 'heating on timer' heating their house whilst they were out. As our client, John Moore said ‘HeatSlave suits me instead of the regularity of a conventional timer switch—which is still there but isn't used—because my routine isn't that routine Download Brochure