The HeatSlave is unique in that each unit is managed through it’s individual , secure, password protected , webpages. This means the user can update their system remotely from anywhere in the world once it has internet access. No special software is needed—you simply log on to the HeatSlave website and log in with the unit’s individual ID In your dedicated user area you set the temperature at which you wish to receive a warning—in other words once the system reads a temperature outside your set parameter you will receive a warning by text message. You can also set up a time clock if required Click here to view an example – Settings Manager

To control who gets the message and who is allowed to turn on/off the units-simply fill in mobile phone numbers on the dedicated webpage and tick the boxes. Click here to view an example – Phone number Manager

Once the text message is received you , simply, call the unit—each unit contains a SIM card so you dial its mobile number-this action activates a relay which turns on or off the heating or air conditioning. HeatSlave has an added alarm feature which can be fit to your oil tank or boiler room and sends a text once these are disturbed. It can also be connected to a suitable smoke detector unit.