Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use HeatSlave with any existing heating system?
A: Yes – it is very straightforward.

Q: How easy is it to install?
A: We supply a clear wiring diagram with each unit. It is very simple to do and a competent person can fit it in under half an hour.

Q: How do I add numbers and adjust the settings on the HeatSlave?
A: Go to and log in using the six digit ID of the unit. This will bring you to your own dedicated webpages when you can input numbers, adjust temperature parameters etc etc- don’t forget to tick the boxes!

Q: How does the HeatSlave identify who is allowed to control the unit?
A: In the same way as a phone number comes up on your phone HeatSlave recognises the number dialling it and, if it is on the list, it will respond to the command.

Q: If a caller has their number ‘blocked’ can they access the system.
A: No….and Yes! If the unit cannot identify the caller it will not allow it to access the system. However the callers phone company will be able to provide  them with a prefix to place before the HeatSlave phone number which will allow the unit to identify the caller.

Q: How do I get the alarm part of HeatSlave to work?
A: A magnetic contact is fit to the door/lid of tank , for example, this is then wired to the HeatSlave unit- once the contact is broken it generates an alarm from the HeatSlave unit which will send an SMS

Q: Can I program the system to operate on time clock as well?
A: Yes- you can do this on your dedicated web page-click here for an example (link to settings here)

Q: Is there a guarantee
A: The HeatSlave unit is guaranteed for 12 months. The unit is sealed-if the seal is broken or tampered with this invalidates the guarantee

Q: What does the HeatSlave package include?
A: You receive a HeatSlave unit which will contain a SIM card with credit of €6 to €10 depending on the network operator. (Network operators may be chosen depending on the best coverage in your area)
You also get the first year of access to your own personal, password protected page on the HeatSlave website. This allows you to manage the system yourself-setting up users, temperatures, timing clock etc etc

Q: What happens in the second year?
A: We charge €60 per annum for hosting of your webpage

Q: Why does the unit use a SIM card?
A: The SIM card is a mobile phone data device which facilitates communication between the unit and our web server via the Internet

Q: Do I need to top up the SIM?
A: Yes- network operators will shut down a SIM if it sees no top ups. So you may need to top up even if there is credit – usually €10 every 180 days depending on the network operator. All information will be included with your HeatSlave unit.
Each time the unit sends a text alarm it uses credit so obviously the more texts sent the more credit will be used up. So if you are getting a lot of alarms you may need to check more often. You can check your credit on the network operator’s website using the mobile number and password of the unit.

Q: I really am not interested in the hassle of checking credit etc? Can you do this?
A: Yes we offer a Gold Service where we manage the SIM for you-there is a set-up charge of €45 euro and then €8.95 per month charged annually in advance.

Q: When must I register?
A: You must fill in the registration page immediately you set up the unit. We need to know once a unit is installed and where it is installed- when you fill in the page we note that the unit is up and running. It also makes it somewhat easier to help you if you , for example, lose your Sheet containg you’re the ID and number of the unit

Q: What other products do you make?