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what it can do for you

The best way for us to tell you what HeatSlave can do for youis to give you some case histories..situations where HeatSlave is already being used

  • HeatSlave Baby

    Mary O’Neill (sole occupant) – originally from Bray and now living in Naas. Last year during the cold spell Mary had been over in  Bray to visit her mother but couldn’t get back to Naas that evening. She didn’t get back for four days- by which stage she had had a burst pipe. Mary now has a HeatSlave, which she can dial to turn on her heating when she wants it. This not only gives her peace of mind but has also saved on her fuel bills-she has no need to leave her heating on timer-she just phones on her way home and the house is cosy when she gets there.

  • HeatSlave (letting and selling)
    We bought a new house and the sale on the original one fell through. We moved to our new home but hence had our house on the market for ages. It was costing us a fortune in fuel bills because the estate agent, correctly, advised us that prospective  buyers are not impressed by a chilly house! First impressions and all that. Then we heard about HeatSlave—now the agent just phones the house half an hour before each appointment and turns the heating on—saving him time and us money on our fuels bills! He is talking of buying a few HeatSlaves and installing them in houses he has for sale—moving them on when the house is sold- or offering them for sale to the new owner! Everyone is happy!
  • Holiday Homes

    Peter O’Toole (not his real name for obvious reasons as you read on) had a holiday  home over in Roundstone. His cousin used to ‘keep an eye on the place’ for him. Turning on and off the heating etc. Peter used to cal his cousin the week before he was going down and ask him to turn the heating on a couple of days beforehand just to get the chill out of the house. However whenever he arrived down the heating would be on but the place would only be cosy when they were leaving at the end of the weekend. Peter knew ‘the cousin’ wasn’t turning the heating on til the last minute. HeatSlave gives him back control – now he can go onto his own dedicated HeatSlave website and set the heating to come on and off whenever he wants and they arrive down to a nice cozy home even in the depths of winter.

  • Fuel Theft
    HeatSlave can be set up to send you an alarm, by text message, should someone disturb the lid on your oil tank. Sadly in the past few years this has become a bigger and bigger problem- fuel is being stolen from permanent homes as well as holiday homes. Kevin Solon says although their holiday home stays quite warm all year round as it has a lot of well insulated glass- they have had their fuel stolen numerous times. With the HeatSlave Alarm feature they are much more secure.